Heated Mats is the no.1 source for heated mats to make your home or workplace warm throughout the winter. Outdoor heated mats can reduce mishaps and accidents caused by slipping and falling caused by slush and snow accumalation around your pathway. Our Heated Mats melt snow at the rate of 2 inches per hour. Save time and effort and at the same time avoid back pain and injuries caused by shoveling snow around your home with residential heated mats. Businesses can save lots of expenses associate with getting snow shoveled with our industrial heated mats. We have a wide variety of heated mats for residential as well as commercial purposes. We have heated mats have some indoor use as well. These heated floor mats can be used in the house to heat up any tile, hardwood or linoleum floor in the house like a kitchen, bathroom or a foyer area. Constructed out of heavy duty rubber, heated mats are water-proof as well as economical as they consume as much power as a light bulb.The heating element is moulded within the rubber so as to reduce the danger to fire and electric shock.