Heated Flakes Premium Snow Melting Walkway Mats

Quick Overview

  • Made Stronger out of Moulded SBR Rubber | Can Handle the Weight of Cars

  • Melt up 2" of Snow/Hour | 32" x 56" in Size

  • Can be linked together to cover large, custom pathways

  • Embossed Snow Flakes design offers traction and a unique aesthetic


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Creating a clear and safe path to your doorstep can be crucial for businesses and residences alike. Slip and fall incidents can lead to severe injuries for you or your guest. In the case of some businesses, this can mean expensive injuries to employees or customers.

The heated flakes premium snow melting system allows you to melt away snow automatically at a rate of 2” per hour to create a safe and dry pathway leading to your doorstep.

Made from 100% virgin moulded SBR rubber, these premium mats are strong enough to withstand the weight of cars, and carry enough weight and tread to prevent them from moving around in slippery environments.

Graded for heavy duty use, these automatic snow melting mats perform exceptionally well in driveways and help you avoid back breaking shoveling work. The mats are specifically designed to withstand the heavy weight of cars and not get damaged.

The snow flake pattern on these mats not only give them a unique desirable look but also creates tread to prevent you and your guests from slipping as they make their way to and from the doorstep.

Say goodbye to shovelling snow this winter and melt away a clear path in and out of your home.


  • The Heated Flakes Premium heated walkway mats are 32” x 56” in size
  • Available walkway mats and doormats can be connected with the stair mats to create a complete system.
  • A GFCI power unit is required to power the premium heated Flakes snow melting system.
  • Each GFCI can support an amperage load of up to 13.6 Amps
  • Each 120V Heated Flakes Premium Doormat uses 1.9 Amps, 240V uses 0.8 Amps
  • Each 120V Heated Flakes Premium Walkway mat uses 3.4 Amps, 240V uses 1.7 Amps
  • Each 120V Heated Flakes Premium Stair mat uses 0.9 Amps, 240V uses 0.45 Amps
  • Made of SBR moulded rubber, the premium snow melting mats are completely waterproof and very durable.
  • Operating at 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, these premium heated mats can melt snow at 2” per hour
  • All Heated Cubes Mats come with a 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty

Heated Flakes Snow Melting Mat System

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